Medical Nursing Cards launched in Sri Lanka

Complete Nurse pack

Critical Second Pty Ltd has been providing innovative nursing education since 2005. Andrew Blood, the Founder, started nursing in 1988. Throughout his professional experiences as: nurse, educator, and ICU critical care nurse, he often observed heightened anxiety from nurses as they tried to remember all the technical information and formulas that were required in their roles.

He noted that nurses need to cross check, problem solve, risk- manage situations and require objective information to help guide their actions after their training was completed.This information could be easily confused under pressure and can be hard to recall. So to help nurses, Andrew Blood, drew up easily available and understood guidelines, thus empowering staff/first aide providers with very useful information resulting in a range of nursing pocket (education) cards, with safety guidelines.

These nursing pocket cards are now used all over the world. Embraced by nurses, Nurse Union bodies, hospitals, etc. Critical Second Reference cards are now a ‘must have’ clinical resource tool for any first aide provider. Tried and trusted for over 10 years now they are widely used by organizations such as; The Australian Nursing & Midwifery Association, Universities and TAFES for education purposes across Australia.

As at December 2020, Andrew and Critical Second are now the only National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provider of High Intensity training in Australia, the first to achieve this remarkable accreditation. Andrew provides training for people in their own homes who rely on Ventilators to live. His other High Intensity specialties included are: Tracheostomy, PEG tubes, complex wound management, and Catheter management.

These clinical reference cards pocket are now being printed in Sri Lanka as a joint project between Critical Second Pty and CWSA Pvt Ltd, and are being promoted to Hospitals and Medical Teaching Institutions. They are initially available as a “Complete Nurse” Pack of 15 cards in beautifully packaged boxes.

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