About us

Critical Second Pty Ltd has been providing nurse education since 2005 in Australia. Andrew Blood and his wife are Registered Nurses. Throughout our professional experiences as: nurse unit manager, and ICU critical Care nurse, we often observed heightened anxiety from nurses related to remembering all the technical and formulas, that are required in their roles.

Existing nursing cue systems were either difficult to use, too complex to understand or had poor durability. So, in conjunction with the nurses they underwent the process of research into the perceived needs of nurses to develop an innovative, and easy to understand system of cue cards. Careful planning and thoughtful management has resulted in these safety guidelines and protocols that make it easier for nurses when they are under pressure.

As at December 2020, Critical Second achieved accreditation with (NDIS) and is one of the very few providers of High Intensity Training. They are Ventilator and Tracheostomy specialists. Critical Second can now provide training for people in their own homes who rely on Ventilators to live. Other High Intensity specialties included are: PEG tubes, complex wound management, and Catheter management.

Critical Second Products are now used all over the world and Sri Lanka(CWSA are their Agents ) is one of its branches. They are embraced by nurses, Nurse union bodies, hospitals and the like. These cards are in line with JCI Standards as well. They are written in a manner that just makes nursing easier.We would like to thank you for making your purchase and welcome you to a world where people do care, and are ready to do what others cannot.